Today, I will summarize my own experience in purchasing refrigerators and teach you how to choose the type of refrigerator that best meets your needs.

Refrigerator type: single door or double door or multi door

Regarding which style of refrigerator to choose, whether it is a French four-door, a cross-side door or a double-side door, etc., I have specially summarized the following points, which are easier to understand.

Most of my friends, go to the store more, and basically have a general understanding of the types of refrigerators. In order to facilitate friends to view, I will briefly list them and make suggestions according to your width and size:

How to choose the type of refrigerator that best meets your needs

1 Small size requirements

The following four are the preferred door types for small kitchens, especially those with limited width. At present, single-door refrigerators and upper and lower double-door refrigerators have basically been eliminated, so everyone should not consider them.

Focus on three-door and Japanese-style multi-door, most of which have a width of about 600mm and a capacity ranging from 300-450L. Three-door refrigerators are more traditional and practical.

The advantage of Japanese multi-door refrigerators is that the volume ratio is high, and a small size can achieve a large capacity, represented by Toshiba, but there are also some shortcomings, such as the small freezer, which may not be suitable for the needs of your family.

How to choose the type of refrigerator that best meets your needs

2 Large size requirements

At present, everyone has an increasing demand for the capacity of refrigerators. Many of them start at 500L, and some require 600L. For these friends, the choice of those can mainly look at the following: French four-door, cross-side door, T-shaped three-door and side-by-side door;

Among them, the best choice is the French four-door, with a large one on the top and a two-layer freezer on the bottom. The refrigerating and freezing spaces are evenly distributed, and the general performance is good.

How to choose the type of refrigerator that best meets your needs

Of course, compared with the high volume ratio of the side-to-side door, the drawer of the freezer can also be pulled out in a large range, while the drawer of the side-to-side door can only be pulled out half, and the French four-door is the most convenient to use. Therefore, the most recommended of these models is the French four-door.

In addition to the French four-door, the next recommended is the cross door and the T-shaped three-door.

The difference between the cross door and the French four-door is that the lower two-layer freezer drawer is divided into six small drawers, and the upper freezer is still unchanged. It is mainly suitable for families who have many types of freezing and like subdivisions.

There are also more and more T-shaped three-doors recently. In many cases, the room in the lower right corner is a changing greenhouse or a zero-degree room, which is more flexible to use.

How to choose the type of refrigerator that best meets your needs

In fact, the main performance deviation here is to open the door. On the one hand, after each door is opened, the cold and heat exchange area is large, the constant temperature of the refrigerator is difficult to guarantee, the freshness is relatively deviated, and the power consumption is also larger; Not so convenient either.

But there are still many friends who like to open the door on the opposite side. The main reason is that they look at the atmosphere and the price is relatively cheap.

Of course, what I said above is not absolute. Now there are more and more types of refrigerators. For example, Siemens refrigerators also have a large capacity of 629L in the upper and lower doors, and many friends really ask about this.

How to choose the type of refrigerator that best meets your needs

Buying suggestions:

For large size, French four-door and cross-door are preferred;

Small size can be seen in Japanese multi-door and upper and lower three-door refrigerators.

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