Crystal chandelier, what a beautiful existence! Today I will take you to see the world’s largest Bohemian crystal chandelier~

Today I will take you to the Dolmabahce palace in Istanbul, which is full of exotic flavors. “Dolmabahce” means “garden built with earth”, and the Bosphorus is the dividing point between Eurasia. .

The Dolmabahce Palace is located on the coast of Europe in the west, with a coastal area of ​​nearly 600 meters. The magnificent and majestic palace is quite imposing, so it is also called the Water Palace.

The most striking of the outdoor gardens on this side of the Bosphorus Strait is the Sea Gate. The seascape on the other side of the door frame changes all the time, which is like admiring a moving artwork.

The construction work cost 5 million Ottoman gold pounds, equivalent to 35 tons of gold! 14 tons of which were used to decorate the ceiling. It is the largest collection of Bohemia and Baccarat chandeliers in the world.

The world's largest bohemian crystal chandelier

The chandelier on the main body of the palace

The main body of the palace is built with white marble and Egyptian alabaster, with 285 rooms and 6 Turkish baths. Treasures are dizzying, luxurious crystal lamps, ivory, gold products abound, bathrooms are all inlaid with white marble, and all doors and windows are carefully carved from high-quality wood.

The furniture is French, the vases are from Serre, the crystal chandeliers are specific to Baccarat, and the candlesticks are custom-made in England. This elaborate palace directly led to the bankruptcy of the Ottoman Empire in 1875, just like the renovation of the Summer Palace. Money in exchange for glitz.

Grand Ballroom

The luxurious field full of crystal lamps is not only the crystal staircase lamps, but also the Ceremonial Hall.

The grand banquet hall is supported by 56 columns and can accommodate 2,500 people, with a huge crystal chandelier weighing 4.5 tons and composed of 750 light bulbs. It is the largest bohemian crystal lamp in the world.

This chandelier was given to Abdul Majid I as a gift from Queen Victoria of England. This lamp is only turned on twice a year. When important people visit, they will hold state banquets here. They have also hosted former US presidents before. Obama.

The vault is an Ottoman architectural structure, but the style of painting is also Western. The banquet hall has two floors, one is the box where the orchestra plays, and the other is where the women of the harem watch the banquet.

Pink Room

Everything in the palace should be in pairs, and the tables and chairs on the left and right sides should be placed exactly the same. Even gifts are given in pairs, including a pair of 2-person-high large porcelain vases presented by China, and two ivory sculptures presented by Africa.

Reception Hall

The place where the envoys of various countries deliver the credential, the curtains, tables and chairs are all bright red, so it is also called the Red Hall (Red Hall), the ceiling is also inlaid with gold leaf, and the round table in the middle is a gift from Napoleon.

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