For centuries, paper lanterns have been used to light up different events, whether they are religious gatherings, festivals, or weddings. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors to cater to different preferences and themes. One of the most magnificent types of paper lanterns is the tall paper lantern. It is not only an excellent source of light but also a piece of art that adds elegance and charm to any occasion.

What are Tall Paper Lanterns?

Tall paper lanterns are lanterns that stand on a pole or a stand, making them taller and more prominent than other lanterns. They can be made of various materials, including rice paper, silk, or fabric, and can come in various shapes, including cylindrical, square, or round. Tall paper lanterns are usually illuminated with LED light bulbs or candles and can be hung or placed on the ground to create a beautiful ambiance.

Tall Paper Lanterns

The History of Paper Lanterns

The history of paper lanterns dates back to ancient China during the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD). The legend has it that a Buddhist monk named Huì Kě carried a lighted lantern while he was walking around the temple to read his sutras at night. Since then, paper lanterns have become symbols of good luck and considered essential items in Chinese festivals, especially the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Chinese New Year. They were also widely used in Japan and Korea, where they were often part of religious ceremonies and festivals.

Tall Paper Lanterns in Different Occasions

Tall paper lanterns could create a unique and eye-catching display and an elegant ambiance for any occasion. They are especially suitable for outdoor events like weddings, garden parties, or barbecues. They can add vertical interest to the decoration and create a stunning backdrop for photographs.


Weddings are undoubtedly the most popular occasion where tall paper lanterns are used. They add elegance to the ceremony and create a lovely ambiance for the reception. For a romantic touch, tall paper lanterns wrapped in soft-colored silk or fabric can be decorated with flowers and trailing vines to create a whimsical atmosphere. For a dramatic effect, tall paper lanterns in bold and bright colors can be hung from the ceiling or placed on the ground to create a bold impact.

Garden Parties

Garden parties are the perfect opportunity to showcase the beauty of tall paper lanterns. They can add light and color to any outdoor setting and create an enchanting and magical atmosphere. Tall paper lanterns can be hung from tree branches or poles or placed on the ground to illuminate the garden path or patio area. They can also be decorated with fairy lights to create a radiant display.


Tall paper lanterns can add a festive touch to a barbecue party. They can be hung from the pergola or patio roof or placed on the ground to create an elegant ambiance. For a more rustic barbecue setting, plain parchment paper lanterns can be used, while more decorative lanterns can be used for more glamorous occasions.

Tall Paper Lanterns: A Modern Twist

Today, tall paper lanterns have undergone a transformation, and their traditional look has been reinvented with modern elements. LED lights have replaced the traditional candles, allowing the lanterns to last longer and be safer to use. Colored LED lights are used to create unique effects, with color schemes tailored to suit different themes or moods. The material used to make the lanterns has also changed, and they are now made of more durable and eco-friendly materials such as recycled paper and bamboo.

Tall paper lanterns are not only beautiful and practical sources of light, but they also add elegance and charm to your event’s decoration. They are a symbol of good luck, and they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors to match your occasion’s theme. So whether it’s a wedding, garden party, or barbecue, tall paper lanterns can create a beautiful and magical atmosphere that delights both you and your guests.

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