As the world continues to embrace working from home, video conferencing has become an essential aspect of most people’s lives. Whether for business or social reasons, virtual meetings and video calls have become the new normal. As such, good lighting has never been more critical. A white ring light from Amazon is an excellent lighting solution for your video conferencing needs.

What is a White Ring Light?

A white ring light is a circular LED light designed for photography and videography. The light emits a soft white light that creates even, diffused lighting around your face, making your skin tone pop. The light is mounted on a stand, allowing you to adjust the height and angle to achieve your preferred lighting angle.

Benefits of White Ring Light from Amazon

There are several benefits of using a white ring light from Amazon for your video conferencing needs.

Improved Lighting Quality

The primary benefit of using a white ring light is the improved lighting quality. The diffused light from the LED illuminates your face evenly, reducing harsh shadows and bright spots. This soft lighting creates a more natural-looking environment and enhances your skin tone, making you look more professional.

Adjustable Color Temperature

Most white ring lights from Amazon come with adjustable color temperature settings that allow you to match your lighting to your environment. The light usually ranges from warm to cool, allowing you to select the best lighting setting for your skin tone and surroundings.

Easy to Use and Set Up

Another benefit of using a white ring light is the ease of use and installation. Most ring lights come with a user-friendly manual that walks you through the setup process. The lights are also compatible with most devices, including laptops, smartphones, and desktops.

How to Choose the Best White Ring Light from Amazon?

When choosing a white ring light, consider the following factors:


The diameter size of the white ring light determines the lighting intensity. If you have a small working space, a 12-inch diameter ring light is sufficient. However, for larger working spaces, you may need a 20-inch diameter ring light.

Color Temperature Settings

Choose a white ring light that offers adjustable color temperature settings. Warmer settings are suitable for indoor lighting, while cooler settings are ideal for outdoor settings.


There are several white ring lights available on Amazon, ranging from low to high prices. Consider your budget when choosing a ring light.

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