Night Light

Designed to help you get a good night’s sleep, a Night Light is a small, dim electric light that automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn. You can adjust the color temperature and brightness of the light to suit your needs. They are safe for use outdoors and are entirely wireless. You only need three AAA batteries to power the Night Light, so there is no need to use an electrical socket. They also feature built-in light sensing technology that helps to keep energy costs down.

Aside from promoting sleep, a Night Light can also help prevent eye strain. Night lights have a built-in sensor that detects motion and turns off the light after a specified amount of time. Some night lights even have a passive infrared sensor. Some even come with self-adhesive magnets for easy mounting. They are also waterproof.

Some Night Lights feature a remote control. This is great for creative types who want to set the light to turn on when they want it to. Some Night lights also include a photocell that turns off the light when ambient light is bright. Some night lights also include a timer, so you can turn on the light at a specific time of the night.

Another way to turn on the Night light is to use the Action Center. This is a faster way to turn on the feature and it also works with Windows 10. To open the Action Center, slide your finger from the right edge of your screen until the icon appears. The icon looks like a half-moon or crescent. You can also access the Action Center by clicking the Windows + A button on your keyboard.

The Night light also comes with a feature called Quick Settings. This is a quick action that works as the On / Off toggle in the Settings app. It can be found in the System category. You can also check if you have the feature by opening the Settings app and clicking the gear icon.

The Night Light can also be configured to turn on at sunrise or sunset. You can set this in the settings menu, as well as set it to run for a certain period of time. If you want to test the feature, you can simply click the Turn on now button, which will turn on the feature immediately. However, it is not recommended. The Turn on now button does not save the new schedule, so you may want to test the feature by setting the period of time to a few minutes.

Microsoft has also designed the Night Light to be easy to use. The slider is straightforward and the feature is simple to set. You can also test the most important functions of the night light, such as the color temperature and brightness.

The Night Light also has an auxiliary feature that is a little more complicated. This is a slider that turns on the feature when it is between sunrise and sunset. The slider works best in conjunction with the location services feature on your device, but you can use it to turn on the light when it is between sunrise and sunset.