screen cannage market set

Depending on your preferences, you can choose between various types of screens. For example, there is the Screen Murano, which comes in a painted metal structure and has ten cane screens. It also comes with a fabric border and is equipped with an adaptable metal flag DCL. Moreover, it is compatible with hardwiring in the United States.

Suspension design screen is a collection of styles and matieres

A suspension design screen is a collection of styles and materials, and this one has been created by The Cool Republic. Using raw lin fibers with a minimalist black metal framework, this suspension has a vintage feel. Its other features include a rosace ceiling and a textile alimentation cordon.

The Market Set Screen suspension has a vintage style, and it is ideal for a living room or dining room. Made of textile cordiere, it adds a bohemian flair to your decor. However, you need to make sure that the height of the ceiling is adequate. It’s also important to note that this suspension doesn’t come with a light source, and you will need to purchase an ampoule E27 to light it.

It is a manufacturer of luminaires

Screen cannage market set is a manufacturer that produces a variety of lighting fixtures. Its range includes suspension screens, aerienne suspensions, cones of lin, two diffusers of cannage naturel, and fabric edges. The company also designs and develops specific collections every year.

One of the company’s popular products is the Screen suspension. The design is inspired by the Japanese architectural style known as Yakisugi, which involves burning wood to make it more durable. The company also took inspiration from the square weave of traditional Japanese furniture.

It is available in different versions

There are different versions of the Screen cannage market set available in the market. The standard version has a black metal suspension with cannage, while the contemporary version is made of white metal. Each of these versions has its own unique characteristics and style. They come in several sizes, including floor lamps and ceiling lights. There are also table lamps and wall lamps available. The screen lamps are available with long plus cords, making them easy to change. However, if you want a different length cable, you need to contact an electrician.

If you prefer a more minimalist design, then you should go for the Market Set Screen Small Pendant Lamp. This pendant lamp is a beautiful way to add natural lighting to your room. These pendant lamps are available in small, medium and X-Small sizes, and feature a design that is stylish and functional. The Market Set screen pendant lamp is made of a black cannage and a white murano paper lampshade.

It is a light sculpture with a mobile

The Screen Cannage series from Market Set is like a light sculpture on wheels, combining traditional Asian materials and techniques. The result is a unique visual effect that will brighten your home. The Cannage range features ceiling lights, wall lamps, and floor lamps.

Suspension Screen Cannage is an example of the designer’s versatility and style. The light sculpture has a mobile structure and ten paper screens suspended from a metal roof. This allows the screens to be hung from different areas of a room. The screens can be adjusted to different heights, and are available in black, beige, or white.

It is made of woven wicker

Using woven wicker products in the interior of your home can bring a cool and natural feel to the space. With their natural texture and rich pattern, rattan has the perfect appeal for any decor. In addition, rattan can make your room appear spacious and airy.

This style is often made of woven wicker, but can also be made of synthetic materials. Another favorite material for woven home goods is jute, a plant-based fiber. When woven, jute creates a durable fabric or rope. It is also a popular material for curtains, as it is soft and durable.

It is made of paper

Market Set is a lighting company that creates unique lamps and lighting accessories. Their line of lamps uses cane screens that are edged with fabric to give a stylish yet natural appearance. Their lamps are inspired by contemporary trends and new uses of materials in different markets. Each year, they create and register a new collection.

The Screen Murano pendant lamp is an example of Market Set’s work. This XXL version is mobile and made of metal. The screen itself is made of ten paper screens, and each one is framed with a textile cord and DCL metal roof. Each screen measures 45 cm in height and 100 cm in length.

It is made of braided wicker

This screen cannage collection is made of braided wicker in a natural finish and contrasted with a black fabric border for a unique design. Its unique shape and rattan shade provide ample light and evoke a relaxed and natural atmosphere. Its versatile design allows you to combine it with other pieces for a unique look and feel. The collection includes a ceiling lamp, wall lamp, and floor lamp.

Screen Cannage pendant light is an elegant and natural style lamp that brightens up a room. Its simple yet elegant design reflects the simplicity of rattan material, while blending in well with traditional Asian style lighting. It features a hand-woven rattan shade with a black edge. It’s perfect for a kitchen, living room, or hallway.