Nowadays, people’s decoration of restaurants is not only to be used for meals, but also to achieve a good decoration effect and has a good decorative effect. Therefore, the choice of restaurant lighting is more important. In the face of the market There are so many types of lights, what kind of lights are used for restaurant decoration, many people want to know, and people should know how to choose restaurant lighting.

What kind of lights are used for restaurant decoration?

Crystal lamp Crystal lamp has attracted the love and pursuit of consumers because of its unique noble temperament. The use of chandeliers in the selection of restaurant lamps is very extensive. The use of crystal clear crystal lamps in restaurants can effectively reveal a noble and elegant atmosphere. With a unique candle, the whole restaurant can be filled with a romantic atmosphere, but it should be noted that if the restaurant space is too small, it is better not to choose crystal lamps.

Chandeliers are widely used in modern restaurant decoration. There are various combinations of chandeliers, such as single light, three in a row, and multiple small lights. When choosing a dining room chandelier, the specifications of the lamps should be determined according to the size of the dining table. , The dining table is long, you can choose a chandelier style composed of multiple small chandeliers, and each small lamp can be switched on and off separately, so that the corresponding number of chandeliers can be used according to the needs of the meal.

When choosing wall lamps, the chandeliers and wall lamps can be matched with each other, which can make the whole dining space more dynamic. If the restaurant space is small and the dining table is close to the wall, the use of wall lamps is the best choice.

Downlight table communication is an effective way to enhance the relationship between diners. The shape, style, light color, light and shade of the restaurant lamps and many other factors will directly affect the mood of the diners. If the restaurant space is spacious enough, you can choose the chandelier as the main light source, and then add the downlight and wall lamp as the auxiliary light. It is ideal Lighting method.

How to choose restaurant lighting?

The restaurant lighting should use bright lighting. The restaurant should generally use bright and soft lighting. Bright colors can bring a lively atmosphere, promote people’s appetite, increase the fun of dining, and also enhance people’s luck and wealth.

The lighting of the restaurant should be soft, and the food should be soft, and the “color, fragrance,” must be complete, but a good meal will be inferior if there is no suitable lighting. Therefore, the lighting of the restaurant is very important, and the shape of the lamps should not be too cumbersome. If appropriate, light-emitting holes can also be used to soften the light, which not only saves space, but also adds a sense of warmth.

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