Today, I recommend 5 best international furniture brands. Each brand has its own unique style. Let’s take a look~

Brand: Swedese

Country: Sweden
Key words: concise Nordic style

Swedese, a Swedish classic furniture brand, was founded in 1945 by brothers Yngve and Jerker Ekström. It combines simple design features and the brand spirit of Nordic traditional nature, fully demonstrating the Nordic modern design style.

Top 5 Best International Furniture Brands

Swedese’s products always maintain an elegant and slender texture in any detail. Most of them are made of natural materials, plus functional design details, as well as the use of colors that are not rigid. They are very elegant and modern. They are the representative of Sweden’s modern attention to design. one.

And no one is better known for furniture design than Yngve Ekström’s mass-produced 1956 masterpiece, the Lamino armchair series, which is still manufactured and sold around the world. In 1999, the Lamino armchair collection was selected as the best Swedish furniture design of the 20th century by the Swedish national design magazine Sköna Hem.

Swedese builds on Scandinavian style traditions to create the finest furniture and shares the boundless creativity of avant-garde designers.

Top 5 Best International Furniture Brands

Brand: SCP

Country: UK
Keywords: British furniture pioneer

Founded in 1985 by Sheridan Coakley, SCP began by selling and manufacturing modern trends in classic furniture, including designs by Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and Alvar Aalto. In 1986 SCP began producing furniture by renowned British designers Matthew Hilton, Jasper Morrison and Terence Woodgate.

The furniture designed by these young and well-known designers became the main force of the SCP brand, and attracted wide attention at the Milan Furniture Fair that year, thus establishing SCP as a pioneer in the British furniture industry. After more than 20 years of development, SCP has now become the most innovative and globally admired contemporary design manufacturer, distributor and supplier in the UK.

Brand: Sawaya & Moroni

Country: Italy
Key words: aluminum classic imagination

In 1978, under the cooperation of designers William Sawaya and Paolo Moroni, under an idea, he started his business in architecture and interior design, and then in 1984, he founded Sawaya & Moroni to develop furniture design department in Milan, Italy. A fusion of contemporary trends, infiltrating a variety of art, fashion, avant-garde and exciting imagination.

Among the unique works, the all-aluminum chair “Darwish” is the most classic. Its representative designers such as William Sawaya, Michael Young, Luigi Serafini, Jean Nouvel, O.M. Ungers, Matt Sindall, etc.

Top 5 Best International Furniture Brands

Brand: Poliform

Country: Italy
Keywords: customization, multi-purpose

Founded in 1942, Poliform has the strength to keep pace with international technical standards. Under the evolution of the times, it has inherited the fine traditions, and devoted itself to its creativity in the field of production, improving the craftsmanship with know-how skills and knowledge, and designing for the needs of the consumer market for beauty and functionality.

Poliform’s mission is to provide the best solution for the entire space, with customized technology for products, so that products can achieve multi-purpose use, in different spaces, from the library to the wardrobe, the bed, and even every corner. Can provide personalized solutions for any single object.

Top 5 Best International Furniture Brands

Brand: Parri

Country: Italy
Keywords: linear fashion

Parri was established in the early 1990s. At the beginning of the brand’s establishment, it mainly began to expand with related projects such as public spaces designed by art director Marco Maran, and then developed new materials, shapes and solutions for seating and furniture design. Parri’s tables, chairs and sofas have a flexible use of color or material, which affects the development of public space functions.

Top 5 Best International Furniture Brands

Parri’s furniture modeling has a strong unique style, animal skin leather, fabric, wood paint and a variety of colors, so that Parri’s furniture is a combination of linearity, design and texture in both public space and home life.

Due to Parri’s strong dedication to design style and material quality, and continuous investment in research and product development, Parri has a know-how management method, which enables the company’s products to have an absolute fashion trend, which not only shows that Parri is strong but also A strong and competitive company, but also proof that Italian design is on a par with the world.

Top 5 Best International Furniture Brands

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