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Utilizing Your Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities come in wide array of sizes, shapes and colors but until and unless you utilize them properly, they cannot help you in remodeling your bathroom. Your task of utilizing a particular vanity to its best becomes a lot easier if you have enough space in your bathroom to show it off.

Utilize Bathroom VanityThe kind of bathroom vanity you choose depends entirely on the size and look of your bathroom. It is advised that you choose bathroom vanity furniture that not only gives you enough storage space but retains the overall feel of the bathroom or rather accentuates it.

Bathroom vanities are designed to serve the double purpose of acting as stand for sinks and storage space providers. It is entirely up to you to arrange your bathroom vanity furniture in the best possible way and utilize it to your maximum advantage for both beauty and functionality.

How to Best Utilize Your Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities can come in real handy especially if your bathroom is tiled and has a wooden interior. If the theme of your bathroom is ultra modern, then proper utilization of vanity can play a prominent part in enhancing its overall look. The good news is that market is full of different varieties of bathroom vanities, so you have plenty of options when choosing vanities for your bathroom and you can utilize these vanities the way you want to.

Best Utilize Bathroom VanityYou can also get bathroom vanities with or without a basin. If you are interested in getting a bathroom vanity with a basin, you have three choices namely, undermounted, surface mounted and semi-recessed. Bathroom vanity with a basin comes in different kinds of materials and ceramic colors.

Apart from basin, you can get bathroom vanity with or without a mirror too. For example, mirror can be in the form of one single piece of furniture attached with your vanity. On the other hand, if you are not comfortable with this arrangement you can get an entirely separate mirror to hang over your vanity. Back heated mirrors are quite popular at present because this kind of mirror variety doesn't steam up when the hot water is running in your basin.

Role of lighting is also quite critical when your objective is to utilize your bathroom vanity properly. Most of the people prefer buying a wall mounted vanity wrap lighting rather than fitting the light above the mirror. The main advantage of wall mounted vanity wrap lighting is that it does not light the glass but your face. Point to be noted here is that if the light is reflected too close to the mirror, chances are that your face will be in the shade.

Unit surfaces can also help you immensely in proper utilization of bathroom vanity. Granite is fast becoming the preferred option in this regard taking over from the more costly marble vanity tops. These tops are easier to clean with their polished surfaces and they can be changed later on if they are damaged.

Vanity is an integral part of bathroom furniture and should be selected wisely to match with the rest of your bathroom décor and furniture.

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