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Types of Bathroom Vanity Furniture

When we talk about bathroom furniture, vanities are the first things that come to our mind with their variety of styles and finishes. Bathroom vanities give our bathrooms a unique and distinctive look and help to keep them neat and tidy too.

Types of Bathroom VanitiesWith bathroom vanity furniture being the most essential part of the selection, it is important that you buy the right type of vanity that suits your needs and accentuates the finish of your bathroom.

There are several types of bathroom vanity furniture to suit your personal style, budget as well as fulfill all practical purposes of storage and space.

Various furniture settings can be blended together to add creativity and uniqueness to bathrooms. For this purpose, you can choose any one or more styles of vanity furniture from the following:

  • Classic bathroom vanity furniture
  • Modern bathroom vanity furniture
  • Contemporary bathroom vanity furniture
  • Antique bathroom vanity furniture
  • State of the art/high tech bathroom vanity furniture
  • Traditional bathroom vanity furniture
  • Country bathroom vanity furniture

Types of Bathroom Vanities

  • Bathroom Vanity Sinks: Console sink can be part of a counter top in marble, granite or stone.
  • Vanity Sink Cabinets: Single/double sink bowls with or without support, may be supported on a pedestal and affixed to wall/floor or left free standing in varied shapes such as a vessel sink.
  • Taps and Fixtures/Faucet for Bathroom Vanities: Plated in steel, chrome, brass or water shield paint, these faucets are available with the sink or you can separately select one of your choice. Some faucets come with built-in filters to purify water coming from the pipe.
  • Console Vanity: It comprises of a table and chair with a mirror as an option to give a complete look to bathroom vanity furniture.

    The size of table depends on the space available, it may have storage and a chest of drawers or it might be a single table on legs. It can also contain a console sink as well as a vanity chair or stool whose height is aligned with the table.

  • Bathroom Vanity Furniture for Handicapped: Specifically designed for physically handicapped, these bathroom vanities are designed keeping the physical disabilities of the handicapped in mind. Vanities for handicapped have sinks with low height meant for those on wheelchairs, with free space below the sink for easy maneuver of wheelchair.
  • Storage Cabinets for Bathroom Vanities: These are meant to store bathroom essentials such as linens, medicines, bath toys or cosmetics.

Types of Bathroom Vanity Materials

Bathroom Vanity MaterialsBathroom vanity furniture is available in a large variety of materials that you can select according to your budget, size of the bathroom as well as choice. Bathroom vanity furniture can consist of either one or mix of the following materials:

  • Ceramic
  • Fiberglass
  • Glass-tempered
  • Stainless steel
  • Chrome
  • Porcelain-glazed
  • Brass
  • Real wood-oak, cherry, pine, bamboo, cane,
  • Wood laminate
  • Wicker
  • Stone
  • Gold

A broad range of colors is available in these materials and types of bathroom vanities. They can also be done in matte or gloss finish with varying sizes and texture to suit the customers' need and make them more appealing. The selection of bathroom vanities can be readily assembled, unassembled or custom designed according to your choice, however it might depend on the type of furniture you are buying.

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