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Designer Bathroom Vanities

As the trend for redoing your bathroom with the best of furniture and accessories is on rise, more and more people are turning to designer bathroom furniture especially designer bathroom vanities. Vanities are a very important part of bathroom furniture and help to give a new look to its decor.

Designer Bathroom VanitiesWithout designer bathroom vanities, bathroom furnishing are not complete. Exclusively designed vanities will enhance the beauty of any bathroom, big or small. Designer bathroom vanities can be purchased from a store where they sell designer vanities or they can be custom made after the designer or manufacturer takes a look at your bathroom and decides what kind of vanity would best suit your existing decor.

Why Choose Designer Bathroom Vanities

Designer bathroom furniture takes the lead and sets the trend for others to follow. Your designer bathroom vanity will make you a trendsetter, setting you apart from the rest. Designer bathroom vanities not only provide you premium looks but quality furnishings too. No matter how expensive a designer bathroom vanity is, it is an original choice which, you can rest assured that no one else will have, as it will be a unique piece done by the designer.

Designer vanities are poles apart from non-designer vanities and can be differentiated from others by their looks. Here are some characteristics of designer bathroom vanities that make them such an excellent choice:

Quality Assurance of Designer Bathroom Vanities

The bathroom vanity designers, renowned for their high quality standards, check for quality and reject any piece if it is found with even the slightest of defects. On the other hand, for the unbranded vanity even if you check the quality, there's always uncertainty of the unknown brand.

Cost and Availability

Exclusive and custom designed bathroom vanities are for people who prefer a personal touch to their furnishings, rather than selecting from mass products. This alone makes designer vanities expensive and considering their affordability, they are not available everywhere. Designers either sell their own products or choose selected shops where they are sold.

Variety in Designer Bathroom Vanities

The designer collection of bathroom vanities, exquisitely crafted with classy finishes are available in contemporary, antique, modern, handmade, mission, oriental, and many other unusual and abstract designs that are handmade by the designer. Apart from this, they can also be done in a variety of other colors and materials to suit the customers' need.

Choose Designer Bathroom VanitiesNo Standard Look

No two designer bathroom vanities have similar designs. Some are elegantly simple, others are ornamental while others are just beautiful and their finishing sets them apart from the non branded items from top to bottom.

Variety in Designer Bathroom Vanities

Designer bathroom vanities are available in a variety of forms. They can be:

  • Single/double/corner vanity with or without cabinets
  • Pedestal sinks/Vessel sink cabinets - either wall mounted or free standing

Designer bathroom vanities that have recently gained popularity are hand-crafted and hand painted ones such as vessel drip-free sinks in glass with etchings, travertine, limestone, and ceramic as well as crystal. There are also designer vanity sets complete with mirror, sink, faucet, vanity cabinet, chair or stool that offer a complete bathroom furniture, setting a new trend in bathroom decoration.

If you consider yourself a wealthy eccentric, select from the gold plated designer bathroom vanities.

Other choices in designer bathroom vanity materials are:

  • Granite slab
  • Marble
  • High quality stone material
  • Slate
  • Sandstone
  • Copper top
  • Onyx
  • Wood
  • Granite
  • Metal
  • Porcelain
  • Solid brass
  • Polished chrome

A replica bathroom vanity can make your bathroom look as good as any original vanity. However, the finishing of such imitation becomes obvious, if not immediately then with passage of time when the materials come apart or cause other problems.

Designer bathroom vanities warn the customers to beware of imitation vanities and look for a particular mark that is distinctive to avoid being conned by low quality products.

Designer collection of bathroom vanities are displayed for a very short time and immediately replaced by new designs. The off-shelf vanities are distributed to selected stores from where they can be purchased at discounted price of 50% or more.

Remember, the price you pay is for the designer bathroom vanity's uniqueness. Each part is carefully made and finished to perfection right down to the nuts and bolts. Choosing a designer vanity is a life-long investment. It is a very important part of bathroom furniture and it can make a world of difference if you get the right designer vanity furniture for your bathroom.

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