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Choosing the Best Bathroom Vanities

Why do you want to buy the best bathroom vanity for your bathroom? The simple answer is 'because you deserve the best' and if you are spending good money, you should get the best product. Also, if the best bathroom vanities are available, why settle for something less? Gone are the days when you walked into a store to get a sink, and purchased the first thing you saw. However, the most important thing to be considered is that with so many choices available today, how can you choose the best bathroom vanity?

Choosing Best Bathroom VanitiesBathroom designers display samples of their work. They too select the best bathroom vanities that will appeal to their clients and sell like hot cakes. Thus, when you visit a bathroom furniture dealer to buy a vanity, make sure you check out all the vanities in the shop and then decide on the one you like the best.

Choosing the Best Bathroom Vanities

By simply following these recommendations, you can choose the best bathroom vanities.

Be original - Do not buy a vanity just because you liked it. Be original and buy a vanity that is functional, looks good and suits your bathroom too.

Be flexible in choosing your style of bathroom vanities. If you have chosen classic style, but find a less than ordinary console vanity cabinet, then diversify and blend in another style. If country look is more your style, then select bathroom vanities in terracotta and natural materials .You can consult a designer if you need any help in choosing a vanity.

Add variation and color where you think the bathroom vanities need retouching or a complete change.

Place comfort above all - Installing a victorian vanity and not using for the fear of ruining it is disastrous! Bathroom vanities should not just be visually appealing but functional as well.

Be patient - It takes time to select the best bathroom vanities. Narrow down your search to the ones you like. Overseas shipment delivery and clearance take time. Check with your dealer in case of delay; don't be hasty in canceling your order if you have found the right thing.

Where to find the best bathroom vanities? Do not always go to a posh market or a renowned designer. The best bathroom vanity does not necessarily have to be expensive. Compare prices from different bathroom furniture stores as well as online furniture dealers.

Be aggressive when bargaining but be reasonable too. You cannot purchase a bathroom vanity priced $500 in $100 only. If you have your heart set on a particular bathroom vanity item, go for it, although you will have to tighten your budget elsewhere.

Best Bathroom VanitiesBest Bathroom Vanities

To select the best bathroom vanities, you must have a collection that comprises of:

  • A sink designed as a console or as a vanity sink cabinet for storage. Console vanity set includes a table, chair and a mirror.
  • A single or double sink faucet with filters and hot and cold-water knobs.
  • A toilet and bidet.
  • The best finished bathroom vanities include towel rods, rugs, soap dispenser, tissue holder.
  • Bathroom vanities with a glossy finish that are easy to clean add elegance to the decor.
Best materials for bathroom vanities are tempered glass, porcelain, stainless steel, wood, and wicker. Materials in brass have a tendency to lose luster in humid environment while stone stains easily. Antique bathroom vanities provide a heavy look and they are more suitable for large bathrooms and they also require extensive maintenance.

With modern plumbing and technology, there are easy to install bathroom vanities that have built-in flush tanks and good drainage system. These vanities offer you a chance to design your bathroom according to the latest fashion and give it a new look.

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